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Featured Short Story:

“Convergence is a Documentary in its very own right, written only with words that have been Spoken in both tongue and pen. A perspective of our world within another; a familiar landing between realities.

  Voice is a strong tool for expression, capable of drilling into even the stubborn mind of the Speaker. We listen, find our Voice in others, understand we carry, mend, break, bend, and shake the very foundation of our lives.

  At some point, we find ourselves wondering whose Voice is calling out from our lips, through our hand, and within our mind. 

  At some point, we wonder when they started speaking for us. We ask: How, When, Where, Who? We know Why.”


 – Arthur Ingrum



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Thoughts on the Train:

    “Here’s the thing, we’ve never had an attention span. Think about it! This copy was published in 1966 and it’s loaded! Two books, Twenty-Two short stories each, told over 406 pages!

     There are entire worlds in these stories, unbound from the likes of the Novel, Theater, or Film. Each is an episode from the mind of one author, a sort of Twilight Zone or Animatrix.

     You begin to see the mind from which the worlds collide, some are fantastical, others science-fiction, and the best ones are those that border reality. The ones that blur the lines of fiction and use real words spoken by real people.

     The ones that make you say something you wouldn’t normally, the ones which transport you into a moment in time, the ones where time is irrelevant, the ones that become truly timeless. Well, timeless after a certain point of course.”


– Leland Fritz

Words that Wish to be Spoken:


I try not to think too fondly, when we played...

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Fashionable Memories:

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“Funny how we keep the pictures and forget the words. I wonder what she would say right now.”


“She listened, she spoke. Her words fueled a roaring flame within me. And I know if I could just figure out what she said, I could stoke it once again.”

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“Yeah, ears are pretty unreliable.

Good thing implants are on sale.”